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Curious about the possibilities offered by CitNetExplorer? Below we summarize some of the main features of our tool.


  • Web of Science import. Citation networks can be imported directly from the Web of Science database.
  • Pajek export. Citation networks can be exported in the popular Pajek file format.
  • Large networks. Very large citation networks, including millions of publications and tens of millions of citation relations, are supported.

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  • Zooming and scrolling. Visualizations of citation networks can be explored using zoom and scroll functionality similar to for instance Google Maps. A smart labeling algorithm ensures that labels do not overlap.
  • Indirect citation relations. In addition to direct citation relations, higher-order indirect citation relations can be made visible as well.
  • Screenshots. Screenshots of citation network visualizations can be easily copied into other programs, such as Word or PowerPoint.


  • Selection of publications. Publications can be selected simply by indicating the oldest and most recent publications of interest. Intermediate publications are automatically added to the selection.
  • Drill down and expand. Drill down and expand functionality offers an intuitive way of moving through a citation network. Like in a web browser, back and forward buttons can be used to move back and forth.
  • Algorithms. Algorithms are available for identifying connected components, clusters, core publications, and shortest and longest paths.
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